Happicus Holidayicus!

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Greetings and salutations, friends! I was hoping the side projects I’d been working on the last few months would have come to fruition in time to share with you now, but alas, I’m a perfectionist and I’m still working on them, and I will not rush them through for Christmas. So I’ll have something to […]

The Halloween That Wasn’t

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The bat is soaring in the night, Bathed in a pool of amber light. While under starry skies I lay, Content but filled with slight dismay. Although I’m known upon the Hallows, For making humor of the gallows. This year I’m truly shutting down, Which leaves you with a pumpkin frown. A project taken, months […]

First Christmas in our House!

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For those of you expecting me to swoop in with massive Holiday cheer, I’m here to disappoint you. Unless watching me enjoy my first Christmas fire brings you merriment. In which case… play on! First, there is the video most of you will enjoy: If you want the drawwwwwn out version, here’s 7 minutes of […]

A Holiday Memory

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This holiday, I would like to detour away from my usual zany madcap humor and take a moment to plant a stake in the ground for sentimentality. As is the case with many of you, Newtown is not just a headline in the newspaper for me. Many of my friends have been affected by the […]

The Pumpkin Poet – Now on Youtube & with Creative Commentary!

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We’re counting down to Halloween 2011 – the TEN YEAR anniversary of Bard Films! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ll be releasing Halloween treats all month long! For the first, we’ve run the Bard’s very first Halloween film, way back from 2001 – The Pumpkin Poet – through the tranformiddygigger and sent it to YouTube! […]



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Long have I heard from people that they want to catch my beautiful bean footage on the run. Until now, my videos haven’t been mobile phone friendly… but with my new youtube channel, you’ll never go hungry again: http://www.youtube.com/TheBardFilms I’ve made sure a good amount of quality content is already up for your viewing pleasure, […]


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For Christmas I ordered myself a Cintiq, which will revolutionize my art capabilities. What’s a Cintiq, you ask? It’s an interactive pen monitor, enabling me to take the special magnetic pen and draw directly on the screen as if it were a canvas. I’ll be posting my Cintiq artwork regularly, so check back regularly for […]